Age Is Just A Number

This past weekend was my birthday, and as many of you know it isn’t polite to ask a lady her age. But frankly, I don’t care. I turned 25, and the only thought in my mind was, “Shit five years from thirty.”

I would be lying if I denied that it didn’t weigh my mind down with thoughts of the unknown and possibilities of what lies ahead. Not to mention the fact that my husband reminded me of it the whole week prior to my birthday. But I have come to the conclusion that I am not afraid of what my future holds for me, I am ready to embrace it in an aggressive bear hug. I had an epiphany during an event on my birthday…

On that day my friend and I did something out of the ordinary for us. We usually stay close to home, have some wine, or go to a restaurant. But on this day we attended a concert. This concert is one that I am not ashamed to say I went to, because in “my day” this particular band was a VERY big deal.

The Backstreet Boys were playing at Nautica Pavilion in Cleveland, and I felt it was my duty to attend. I mean one of the band members was my first boyfriend, (so I thought at 13) and obviously came so I could finally fulfill my destiny. I had tickets to see this band when I was younger but had the chance stripped away. Which left me upset and wearing the Nick Carter t-shirt for a week…(sigh). My friend and I had decided we were dead set on going, this was MY birthday after all, it had to be fate.

When we arrived the place was crawling with people our age and some older. I had grabbed a beer , and she her nachos, as we made our way into the venue. Our seats were very good and I was excited that even though I didn’t invest in the expensive tickets we still had an exceptional view.  I felt comfortable and had a little bit of a buzz when a group of teenage something’s loudly made their way up the stairs and of course sat right next to us. They were loud, and always found a way to have their asses in my face while they were taking pictures. This had eventually sent me over the edge due to the fact that one had her hair practically in my beer and that was a no- no.

But enough with the negativity, we won’t dwell on that. Needless to say it didn’t take her long to “check herself”.  The point I am getting ready to make is that as soon as the show started The Backstreet Boys all looked and sounded exactly the same. I knew they were all past the age I had originally listened to them at and I was amazed that nothing had really changed. Everyone was cheering and dancing, (as was I) and I felt like I was 13 again. I found myself getting the same excitement as the younger version of myself! Minus the “weird feelings” everyone feels at the age when they see a person of the opposite sex, we are way beyond that point people. I even began to appreciate some of the less annoying girls next to me because at a point I blended right in when the perfect song came on.

That moment was exactly what I needed to free my mind of the adult stress we all face, and to let go of my concept of age. Age is really just a number, and we are all as young as we feel. Life is too serious and sometimes we all get caught up in the more grown-up parts of it. It really feels good to just let your hair down and take in all the moments surrounding you. Believe it or not you will feel young, wild, and free. As far as the office stuff and the adult life, that shit can wait.

Stay beautiful,



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