Where is the Golden Rule?

I usually base this blog on whether or not I get inspired by something, someone, or someplace. Unfortunately these past couple of days a very annoying sequence of events has left me, well , shitty.

It seems that people of this day and age have no patience and lack most importantly respect. The whole idea of “The Golden Rule” seems to have faltered and many are just stuck in the ” Hell with you, what about ME?!” aspect of life. I find myself growing tiresome of these such people and am currently at my wits end. So as a note to many in the future, if you’re looking to “get something” from me in my time of knowing you then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

The most recent encounter that sticks out in my mind during my lovely experiences involves one person in particular. A person whom I thought was the nicest, most sincere, and grateful person I had ever met. How I had come to know her was through an old job that we had both worked at. She was always on time, worked hard, and was seemingly pleasant. (At least until this past weekend)

What had started the whole problem was she had sent me a text message, asking me if I remembered her, still had her number and explaining who she was in case I had deleted her information. Which I will be completely honest I have done to many in the past because I felt having their information was irrelevant. But with her being a “nice” person I had kept hers.

Now the way I was raised if you hadn’t spoken to someone in awhile you were to be polite, ask them how they are, how they have been, do they have anything new going on and so fourth. But she did no such thing, she decided to go with the whole “Hell with you what about me” scenario.

She asked me if I still lived where she had known me to and then asked if I was home. I replied that I do still live there and yes I was home. Now, before I proceed I do not mind doing a favor for someone as long as I know they will appreciate my time and effort, but what she had asked me put myself in jeopardy and just thoroughly pissed me off.

“I know its been awhile but I was wondering if you could buy me alcohol.” – Strike 1

” I drove into your town, and was going to try to have a bonfire tonight at home.” – Strike 2

And finally Strike 3 is she didn’t even hesitate to think for a minute I would say no, so thinking I am that big of a pushover is a big NO NO. Then trying to make me feel bad by saying she drove  here pretty much expecting me to help her out…not my problem. She is also very underage, and me buying her alcohol with her consuming and driving around is asking for trouble and frankly I don’t want to do her such a favor. ( Also putting myself at risk if she gets caught, umm no). She also drove into my town for this specific goal, not to see me, not to give a shit about my life, and also for me to pay for it…

Needless to say this is my perfect example as to how people are not considerate in anyway for anyone’s feelings anymore. It also shows how people are constantly thinking of one thing..themselves. This text was the icing on my cake to a terrible couple of days, and I had no problem giving her a piece of my mind. 🙂

In closing I just want to say that I am hopeful that maybe with the holidays approaching people will be more considerate. But I know better, because not everyone is as caring and kind as they should be.


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