What Happens When We Assume

There are many days that I have my fill of dealing with people. But my lack of patience for the human race has nothing to do with my attitude, or people who have wronged me somehow in my past experiences. Oh no. I believe in giving everyone a chance until they gave me a reason not to. It’s not me being a naive person, it’s just me giving others the benefit of the doubt. Which is what a vast majority of people today are lacking. They would rather be judge mental, close minded, and idiotic creatures, who feel that passing judgement on a person they do not know is more justified than getting to know them or their story. 

Regard the following-

I had a lady make a snarky remark about my wrist tattoo one day while waiting on her at work. Since this was happening at my place of employment it would have been inappropriate to tell her to piss off, and more than likely I would’ve been dealing with a heavy customer complaint. So I decided to ride the following out, take one for the team so they say. Her eyes grew wide with disdain and unapprovement. So I looked into those over bearing eyes that were filled with nothing but pure ignorance and replied,” Yes, I have nine tattoos actually.” At this moment I could best compare her reaction to a volcano of stupidity exploding, covering everyone surrounding it with vapid hot lava. Following the volcanic eruption of speculation was the look I hated the most. The judge mental stare…..

Why she felt she had some unspoken power over me because of the colors on my skin was unknown. Was she a lady who had never done anything to hurt or displease anyone in her entire life so she was more than justified to pass such judgement? Or was she just like the majority? The same kind of ignorant asshole that thought I was a hooligan, or a person with much less self worth than herself? I personally believe in the last statement. The most ironic part of all was that this woman was very well known in town for being a nasty and unhappy person. Who was best at lashing out at others with her ill tongue than getting to know her fellow neighbor. Which brings me to my conclusion. Making any person out to be something farthest from truth because of your own assumptions is wrong. I can surely guarantee that after she walked out of that door the tongue lashing began to the first set of available ears. So before the rumors run wild I will state that I am a kind and trustworthy individual. I work hard and respect my elders. I have no criminal record and believe in God. While she may not have voiced her opinion on my worth and appearance to me that day, actions and in this case reactions speak much louder. There is only on person whom may judge me and He does not bare any resemblance to this woman. 

I know there are many tattooed people that walk through the pearly gates, but people of her character might not be so lucky.

“Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor” 



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