You Have Every Right To A Beautiful Life

Certain people often remind me of hamsters who are running in a wheel. Continuously taking a path laid out before them by others. Which leads such people to follow in footsteps already planted, not because it’s what they want to do but because it’s what they think they have to. It has always seemed easier to comply and run with the crowd than against it. I wonder why is that?

Why would people rather settle for what seems to be their way of life than go above and beyond to greatness? This idea came to me while spending a casual day with my family. After we began discussing people, certain lifestyles that they keep, and how their offspring are accepting that same quality of life for themselves. I have and will always be an advocate for the underdog. I was the underdog at one point in my life, the one who wouldn’t conform to the dysfunction around them, the one who was different.

That made me an underdog because I was a minority, and the person pushing ever so strongly against the current while many were flowing with it. At times I did question myself and wonder why I fought so hard. But in the end it was all worth every tiresome effort. Which lead me to feel sad for a loved one I am particularly fond of. My heart bleeds for him as he spends most of his time around the people who don’t care and eventually losing touch with the ones who do.

I believe he can be brilliant, I also feel that he can apply himself in so many different ways in which he would be successful in life. But yet, he continues to run the wheel that was placed before him. He walks the same road that leads to heartbreak and loneliness. I realize now that I was a rare kind in the circumstance. I do not believe that this boy is weak, I know he can be strong willed. He is just lacking the guidance much needed during the crucial time journeying into manhood. While I was lucky enough to have a rock and guardian to shield me from the storm.

I am writing this now because I had to. My feelings for this little man are beyond words, and I want him to know more than anything I am always here. I am not claiming to be perfect, or saying that my lifestyle is one to be resentful of. But it is solid, it is grounded, and above all full of love and compassion. Though my heart aches for his choices I can only watch and hope that someday he will be the minority. That he too will eventually be the difference, and hopefully will contribute to breaking a long and vicious cycle.


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