When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!


I saw this picture on  Facebook the other day. I then proceeded to post it on my Author Page, share it on  my own personal  page, and also post it here. Why?

It’s simple really. This is a very true statement that I can personally relate to as most of you can also. It took a lot of courage for me to step out of the routine work world and into the crazy (sometimes unstable) writing arena. I sat for months doubting my talent and convincing myself that it wasn’t worth it because there was no  guarantee for success. I also had pounded into my head that it wasn’t the most reliable source of income, a road less traveled around here, blah, blah…

It was then that it hit me, I was letting people’s opinions become my own. I started telling myself these things already dooming any attempt I would make. I was  preparing for failure when I hadn’t even began.

How do you think people become successful? How do you think people achieve happiness, greatness, self-assuredness, and all the things others so desperately want? They quit listening to peoples shit, their own personal shit, and do something.

I had told people for the past 4 years that I loved to write and that I was working on a book. Well most of my books became “trunk novels” and I never pushed past the barriers I needed to. Until one day I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn’t doing what I should be doing and I was letting other people (myself included) persuade me not to.

I finally started in the direction towards my goals and haven’t slowed down. It is easy to succeed in something you believe in. At the end of  the day you have your  own support and faith  in your talents. I will admit it is a slow  go at first. I felt for the first couple of weeks that it was a bad idea.  But I refused to go crawling back to the pathetic and unhappy state I was in before, I just kept going forward.  Yes, it is work everyday and sometimes takes a bit before the finished product (book) is released and you can reap the benefits. People  will  question you and try to bring you down. They will ask you if it is worth spending your money, time, and effort. The reason  they ask such things is because they are secretly jealous . You had the balls to follow a dream and they didn’t. But it is all worth it because it is yours. YOUR hard work, YOUR passion, YOUR dream made into reality.

Don’t ever doubt yourself, take a leap of faith. You may hit a few rocks, but you will  find your wings on the way down.





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