Buy My Book!

So… pre-sales are still going on for my E-book “Because of You”, it’s a fiction romance with some sprinkles of drama.
If you’re into that sort of genre or know someone that is, pass the word along!

Here is the book description:

Lea Gabe moved to New York to escape her past and find a new beginning. She left her old life in the review mirror and never looked back.
While lost, cold, and alone in a busy subway station she discovers her future and more in Michael. He is handsome, caring and becomes Lea’s safe haven as they fall quickly in love.
But as Lea finds herself in trouble will their love be enough to pull her through?
Lea questions if Michael will continue to love her after she betrays his trust. Quickly their time together comes to an abrupt halt, forcing Lea to contemplate adjustment to a new life without him.

This discounted price will only last a limited time so get yours today!
I’m also hosting a book promotion event next Saturday in Wooster, Ohio.
You should check that out also! That is, if any of you are around the area 😉






Why presale day how fast you have crept up on me!

I can’t believe this is a reality.

I mean it hasn’t been too long ago when I was sitting at Starbucks writing down numerous ideas in a spiral notebook. I had pages and pages of descriptions and personality traits of the characters in my head that just would not let me be until they were written. I have many more…but the first set of them are here!

Today is obviously the first day of my presale for my first book, “Because of You”. I am collecting email addresses and sending these electronic buddies the limited time discount for my book!

So if you want to be one of them shoot me a message at or just leave a comment here! I appreciate all of the support on my writing journey! 🙂

Check Out My Book On Wattpad!


So…I found this new app called Wattpad and I tell you it’s the best thing if you are into reading.

There are many different kinds of genres available. It’s like having access to a free virtual library! Some of the books are unedited or in the process of, some are by authors, and there are also pieces of ones in the works. It’s an interesting way of finding new material and escaping the “traditional reads”.

While using social media and reader friendly platforms I have been able to share the news about my book. Along the way I have come across fellow creative thinkers that also had a hand in making this possible. Wattpad will definitely continue to be useful in my future.

If you have the time to check it out I highly suggest that you do and swing by my profile. Check out a first glimpse at “Because of You” for free! We all love freebies!