Buy My Book!

So… pre-sales are still going on for my E-book “Because of You”, it’s a fiction romance with some sprinkles of drama.
If you’re into that sort of genre or know someone that is, pass the word along!

Here is the book description:

Lea Gabe moved to New York to escape her past and find a new beginning. She left her old life in the review mirror and never looked back.
While lost, cold, and alone in a busy subway station she discovers her future and more in Michael. He is handsome, caring and becomes Lea’s safe haven as they fall quickly in love.
But as Lea finds herself in trouble will their love be enough to pull her through?
Lea questions if Michael will continue to love her after she betrays his trust. Quickly their time together comes to an abrupt halt, forcing Lea to contemplate adjustment to a new life without him.

This discounted price will only last a limited time so get yours today!
I’m also hosting a book promotion event next Saturday in Wooster, Ohio.
You should check that out also! That is, if any of you are around the area 😉



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