Really? Men are not like the guy from “The Wedding Date”!

I found myself in a giddy love induced state with a pumpkin bar in one hand and Kleenex in another.
While staring at the screen waiting for the man of every ladies dreams to come out of the television and into my living room I had a startling realization. Men are not like Nick.

As every woman will admit, we all adore the typical chick flick with a grand romantic gesture that sweeps the leading lady off of her feet. I mean what’s not to like?

A handsome leading man, sentimental music, most of the time a love scene, and the guarantee that he will confess his undying love for her. It’s the perfect fairy tale, but that’s all it will be. A fairy tale.

Sadly these things don’t happen in real life and it makes a guys job harder than it has to be. Waiting on a man to live up to expectations actors in cinema deliver is unrealistic. You will always wind up disappointed.

There is such a thing as romance but it’s more low key in the real world. As someone who is happily married and been in my relationship for years let me tell you what a few of them are.

Romance to me is….
1. Coming home to dinner prepared by my husband. It could be anything. By movie standards it’s filet mignon or another expensive spread. I’d be happy with tacos.

2. Candle light. They don’t have to be the water proof ones floating in my tub. Just make sure they smell good and they can be lit anywhere in my house.

3. Netflix night, yes I said it, and you all do it. It’s like going to a movie but better, you can wear what you want too! Or nothing at all. But just spending time together is the key.

4. Writing little notes on my grocery list. I always enjoy finding a scribbled “I love you” or “you’re so sexy” next to my abbreviations for peanut butter and hot dogs. Occasionally there’s a picture too but we won’t go into detail about that here.

5. Snuggle time. This is pretty self explanatory, some days I appreciate it more than others.

6. A card or letter. Nowadays it’s more like a text message but that will do.
Anyway you want to tell me you’re thinking of me makes me a happy camper.

So that’s it. My little list of typical romantic gestures that aren’t as huge as Channing Tatum helping me to remember our life together, or Noah reading to me every day.
For the record I would never forget I married Channing and I would’ve just went with whatever life he wanted to have with me… Idiot. As far as Noah Calhoun goes, let’s just not.
Rachel McAdams needs to get it together.

I don’t know why I felt the need to write this, probably because people’s want for more, bigger, and better things in life can irritate me. It really should be simple. Like our men providing for us and our children, asking us about our day, and loving us for life, should be enough. Then finding time for the little kinds of romance.

Remember back in the day it was so easy. The men then must have done something right, take a look at your Grandparents. 🙂


Empty Room

As I look into this empty room, the one that was meant for you.
I stare in awe at these four walls, unsure of what I should do.
I don’t want to close the door, on any of my remaining hope.
These feelings I cannot ignore, they are needed to help me cope.
I can’t pack your things away, it is right that I let them stay.
This place may be silent many days and nights, but there will be another someday.
The next will not replace you, for you always own a piece of my heart.
You brought so much happiness in our moments together, in memory we will never part.
I will do my best to continue on and try not to be afraid.
I know you’re looking down from God’s safe arms, where you will forever lay.

Feeling Inspired?

Inspiration to me is more than just a feeling.

It is within my eyes.

It’s seeing things that make me feel a rush of life. Like being in a place that is extremely busy and while sitting in the midst of chaos having a thought that is so powerful I have to write it down. Or just watching people be themselves and being able to relate to an action, or their way of life.

It’s also in the quiet that surrounds me.

The lack of sound that is deafening, it bounces off of the lonely walls that I enclose myself in. Those are the moments that I can hear the clearest, and with the most intensity.

I go out and write in the world.

Though it is forever flying around me as I sit with my laptop unnoticed, it is the prescience of such a place that I take into account all of the images while using to them my advantage to spew out such ideas and characters. Some of my best fiction is based on people I have seen merely once.

I also hide in my home.

Inside my fortress is where the silence befriends me and gives me the untouched time I need to calm the thoughts in my head and make them possess the paper in front of me. I pull many emotions from an emotionless atmosphere.

Being a writer gives me a reason for being so perceptive and withdrawn at times. But it’s within these times that I embark on my next adventure.

It’s Finally Here!

Today my book is available on Amazon!

I’m excited just to see it there. I caught myself staring at the screen a few times just because my name was on it and my hard work was available to the world.

I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be I’m rather elated! I also am ready to hear the positive and negative feedback. All reviews are welcome!

Please go grab it and give it a read!


Blog makeover?

Even as I type this my mind is racing.
I’m making sure all of my loose ends are tied in the tightest of knots while multitasking as a house wife ,writer , self-promoter, pet mom , life saver and overall literary enthusiast.

As of now I am cooking dinner, and just finishing up my preparations for my book release Monday. I can’t believe how many things I can do at once or how fast my brain can react.

I’m also debating whether or not to make this blog almost like a journal in some form. But I’m sure all of you don’t want to hear every detail about my life…. Maybe just the important ones?

Oh well. It’s one of the many things on my mind. I might get to it.

I’m planning on redoing this blog, not sure exactly into what. Maybe a broad range of many topics?

If any of you found this interesting I’m flattered, just this post alone is a daily occurrence of what happens in my sporadic mind. If you like this, that means … You might enjoy what is to come.

My burgers are burning so I have to cut this short.


So….Can I ask you a favor?


Hello fellow bloggers, authors, and creative minds!

As most of you know my first book, “Because of You” is coming out September 15 (this Monday!). I was hoping to get your participation.

I am looking for people who will share news about my book, or let me guest blog about it.

There’s always the option to purchase a copy, read it (obviously), and review it yourself! You can pre order it at this link, or you may wait until Monday to get it instantly from Amazon or Nook.

I’m trying to reach new audiences! 🙂

Being new to the whole “self marketing” situation I don’t have all the connections that I’m sure most of you have already established. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am also open to helping any of you out as well.

We are all in this together, so let’s succeed together!