Feeling Inspired?

Inspiration to me is more than just a feeling.

It is within my eyes.

It’s seeing things that make me feel a rush of life. Like being in a place that is extremely busy and while sitting in the midst of chaos having a thought that is so powerful I have to write it down. Or just watching people be themselves and being able to relate to an action, or their way of life.

It’s also in the quiet that surrounds me.

The lack of sound that is deafening, it bounces off of the lonely walls that I enclose myself in. Those are the moments that I can hear the clearest, and with the most intensity.

I go out and write in the world.

Though it is forever flying around me as I sit with my laptop unnoticed, it is the prescience of such a place that I take into account all of the images while using to them my advantage to spew out such ideas and characters. Some of my best fiction is based on people I have seen merely once.

I also hide in my home.

Inside my fortress is where the silence befriends me and gives me the untouched time I need to calm the thoughts in my head and make them possess the paper in front of me. I pull many emotions from an emotionless atmosphere.

Being a writer gives me a reason for being so perceptive and withdrawn at times. But it’s within these times that I embark on my next adventure.


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