Angel in Yoga Pants

Today was starting out to be an annoying day. I woke up from a Nyquil slumber only to find my house in complete chaos.

My dog had went outside for his usual morning potty only to come back in with poop on his butt. My husband hadn’t noticed it and neither had I until I sat down on the couch to eat breakfast. An unpleasant odor filled my nostrils making my egg taste funny. I look down and there it is… hanging from his bottom.

Showering my dog at 6:30 in the morning was sucky. I figured that would be the worst of it.

Shortly after I found poop on my blanket and on my carpet. Great. The carpet was by far the worst because he had drug his butt across it. Long story short I had a shitty morning, literally.

It wasn’t until I got to the gym (that took a lot of convincing on my part) did I have one of the best encounters in my 26 years of life. It wasn’t just a typical run in with an old acquaintance but a miraculous one which instilled hope in my otherwise sorrowful heart.

A lady I used to workout beside on the elliptical was walking around the track when she spotted me and made her way over. We only know each other from the gym and practically racing against one another on a machine. Our relationship was based on waves in passing, small talk, and silently competing. I would use her as my motivation to work out harder. The woman is in her 50’s and ripped… like what more motivation do you need at the gym?

Anyways she asked me how I was doing with a somber tone already knowing the answer. She knew (back in June) I was pregnant because my workouts became a lot less intense. When I had found out she was already questioning it . The day I finally confessed why I hadn’t been “Getting Cray Cray” with my weight training she smiled and congratulated me.

So today when she saw my flat stomach she was clearly aware that there was no more baby.

She told me to come with her for only a minute and pulled me off of the machine. I followed her into the bathroom when she confessed to me that she also experienced loss. I thought that maybe it was her first attempt at pregnancy like mine was. She  told me that she had lost 4 babies and only managed to carry one of her children to full term. I was shocked and felt incredibly remorseful for her.

She then held my hand and began to say the kindest prayer for hope and healing that I had ever heard.
I immediately began to cry when she looked up and said,” You will have a baby. I know it, this hurts but it’s recoverable. Don’t let your grief spiral into depression. You will see your baby again someday.”

I walked out of the gym today with not only a sense of calm but so much happiness that my heart hurt. I was elated that there are still kind people in a selfish world.

I had only recently began getting myself back to positive thinking and making the necessary changes in my life and this moment was the last kick in the butt I needed. She is more than right and I believe she was put in my path for this reason. I am thankful to God for this day and many more hopeful ones to come.


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