OH YA My Book is a PAPERBACK!!!

my book

So I was pretty excited when this arrived. I ripped it out of the UPS man’s hands with extreme velocity. I was very emotional.

After asking him if he knew what it was (which was a rhetorical question) and watching his face distort with confusion I informed him that it was indeed my first book. That’s when he looked at me and said, “Well that’s good.”

He needed to know. I mean this is the first time I held any work I had done in my hands and was able to reflect on it. This moment will never happen again! At least not with it being the very first book I ever wrote.

Now putting aside the fact that I am overly picky and have a tendency to dissect every single thing I write (I’m already going through it again wanting to change it!) it is a good book. I’m proud of it and the storyline is definitely an attention grabber. I have a hard time letting a story go and officially being done with it so that alone takes work on my part! 🙂

I think it is wonderful. The characters are likable and the situations they find themselves dealing with are believable. I enjoyed writing it and I hope many will enjoy reading it.

There are two versions available on Amazon.com. One is the Kindle version the other the paperback! The paperback will be officially available by the end of this week. I hope many of you consider purchasing my book.

As of right now I have other projects in the works but no timeline. I can’t wait to see what I can come up with next!


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