New sound, catchy writing, better music

Let me tell you something.
I haven’t been a Taylor fan since ” Tim McGraw ” but I’ve heard parts of her new cd and became interested so I bought it.

I was not disappointed, I was incredibly impressed.

Besides the song “Shake it Off” (which I am not a fan of but find myself repeating the chorus over and over again in my mind) the album is very mature and breezy. I use breezy in terms of….
Driving down the road with the windows down blasting the radio and feeling incredibly at ease with ones self. (My new word breezy!)

Her ability to transform her sound and writing style resulted in great material.
There are a couple of songs that brought me back down memory lane. Then a few that made me aspire to the future.
I have nothing bad to say… It was worth every dollar 😉



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