A Little Wisdom.. :) 

“Life doesn’t always go our way. I do feel however, that we can shape our outcomes by who we choose to surround ourselves with. ”
“People will make you or break you, it’s up to you to be the one to know when to walk away. Your self worth is way more important than their bruised ego.”


My Angel 

I write to remember loved ones on days like these.
When my eyes are full of yesterday’s sorrows and I cannot see.

I never got to know you, hold you, or see you smile.

Though our time together was limited it was all worth while.

I would do it all again because that meant you were really here.

Sometimes I feel I dreamed it but then the heartache draws near.

I’ll never forget you, I’ll always love you, you will never be replaced. 

I’ll keep you safe in my heart until the moment we can finally embrace.