Dear Baby E 

I’m ready for you. 

I always have been. 

As I sit and watch people I know having their babies it makes me very anxious and excited while waiting for your arrival into the world. I am 35 weeks pregnant with you as I write this and let me tell you, it’s been a wonderful experience. 

I remember the day your Dad and I found out about you. I had taken a pregnancy test first thing in the morning before we both left for work. I did the business, then walked out of the bathroom and into our bedroom to pace back and forth awaiting the results. Your Dad, waited patiently downstairs. As you will see he has an ability to be more patient then I do… I hope you acquire some of that. 

When I picked up the test and saw 2 lines I praised God and thanked Him for you immediately. We were both very excited! Though we remained cautious, after losing your brother or sister before you, we anxiously continued on this journey into the unknown and parenthood. 

Yes you had a sibling but I think you know that. 

There is a part of our first baby that is within you. You will forever be linked. Now I can look at that experience and know that I went through all of the hurt and found a light at the end of the long tunnel. It was you. 

When I think of you I feel many emotions at once. I have so many thoughts… I try to manipulate my mind to picture your face, personality, your childhood, and anything else possible. Obviously I can’t but there are a few things I do know.

You are loved. 

More than you can imagine. You are the best of both your Dad and myself. Our greatest accomplishment in this life. 

You will be my everything. 

You will also be your fathers. You are the reason we live now. Thinking of this makes me cry but it’s only because I feel so strongly.

You will never be alone.

We will be by your side every step of the way. No matter what you can come to us and we will guide you through anything and everything you will face in this life. That is a promise that will be kept until we are no longer on this earth. 

You are special, you matter, and you can do anything.

Keep this in mind. Your voice is your power. Your knowledge is also that, apply it to many areas of your life and watch in amazement the changes that take place. Your Dad is smart in many ways and is such a hard worker. His ability to wear many hats has gotten us through many times and he has always taken care of me.  I have an ability to write and over time gained knowledge and much life experience. My ability to talk with people and share pieces of my heart to help others is something that has never failed me and is a big part of who I am. You will inherit these parts of both of us. They are what make you stand out, use them.
Lastly, you should know that I’m sorry for rushing you along these past couple of weeks. I just can’t wait anymore. We are both ecstatic to meet you, love you, and care for you. Please only come when you’re ready, and know that we will be waiting. 

We are ready for you. 


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