New sound, catchy writing, better music

Let me tell you something.
I haven’t been a Taylor fan since ” Tim McGraw ” but I’ve heard parts of her new cd and became interested so I bought it.

I was not disappointed, I was incredibly impressed.

Besides the song “Shake it Off” (which I am not a fan of but find myself repeating the chorus over and over again in my mind) the album is very mature and breezy. I use breezy in terms of….
Driving down the road with the windows down blasting the radio and feeling incredibly at ease with ones self. (My new word breezy!)

Her ability to transform her sound and writing style resulted in great material.
There are a couple of songs that brought me back down memory lane. Then a few that made me aspire to the future.
I have nothing bad to say… It was worth every dollar 😉



Idiots Making Assumptions

I am sure that many of you have seen the latest article floating around Facebook claiming to be the “5 Reasons Why Girls with Tattoos and Piercings Are Broken”. I know I have and let me tell you it pissed me off fairly quickly. I was debating going on a typical Facebook rant about the ignorance of this particular individual (ahem Matt Forney) but decided to take it a step farther and blog about it. I guess you could say I am calling him out.

If you would like to take the time to read this garbage so you can further understand my reasons for being pissed here is the link :

I don’t even want to post that on my page to give him more attention but I thought this particular breed of nitwit should be experienced. Also I feel it necessary to site the source of the information.

My reason behind this was because a friend of mine took time out of his day to text me the link to the article as we discussed how big of an asshole this guy really is. I am a woman with multiple tattoos. Not as many as some people but a fair amount. I also am friends with many beautiful ladies who are tattooed and have gone on to be successful in business and wonderful mothers. So I have no problem telling you how big of a douche this man is. Hmm
 where to start?

I am going to highlight all 5 points in his article and I will weigh in on all of them. I won’t be anything less than thorough so let’s proceed shall we?

  1. They’re sluts

Matt has gotten many things wrong here but I want to start with a line that particularly rubbed me the wrong way. “What kind of girl would be comfortable lying down half-naked in public for two hours while a man with a dirty beard jams a sharp needle into her skin? Answer: the kind of girl who takes sharp objects in her vagina as a hobby.  Girls with tattoos and/or piercings are slags who fall in and out of guys beds at a moment’s notice.” OH BOY.  The typical tattoo artists really aren’t fat guys with long beards and most of them don’t wear Harley Davidson vests. This is yet another general visualization people have drilled into their heads. I have gotten many tattoos all by clean cut upstanding young men who are wonderful artists. The last thing they are is “sloppy” which is what this writer is portraying them to be. Even if they were overweight why does that matter? If they produce quality work and are respectable who gives a shit.

My other bone to pick in this first paragraph of Matt’s discriminatory and pathetic attempt at journalism is the highlighted reason. Just because a woman has tattoos and/or piercings doesn’t make them a slut. It makes them an individual who enjoys the art. That would be like me going up to the first Islamic man I have ever seen and accuse him of being a member of the Taliban. Also spewing out rumors that that same person is going to brutally attack women and destroy the United States. I really don’t think I need to go into detail here you get the point.

As the next paragraph continues he states that one of the first girls he has ever been with had piercings. She went on to sleep with his friends and many other men in only a few months’ time. He also claimed that she was “turning tricks on the side”.  This just sounds to me like he was burned and is butt hurt about it. I can’t help that his first lame attempt at a “girlfriend” really was a skank that did him and every other guy that came around. Her piercings had nothing to do with it. Matt must have just been looking for something to justify her actions because he probably was lacking in many departments and couldn’t keep her interested or he was peeved that she wouldn’t stay around to continually give him what he wanted.  So he shouldn’t use her outward appearance as the reason and pin the slut status on every woman with the same features. If we are going to be so childish I might as well go get a red marker and write the letter “S” on my shirt right now. Jeez

  1. They have no foresight

“Girls who get inked or pierced are showing that they can’t be trusted to plan for the future. They don’t care that their stupid choices will consign them to living off their parents for the rest of their lives.” Sigh. I could go on and on here also but I will limit it to just this sentence.

I have particular insight on how this “fact” is indeed false because I am living proof that it is. I am a planner to the highest degree. I am also person who thinks ahead in every situation I find myself in. I plan and plan until every little detail is perfectly played out in my mind with every possible outcome. I also have held many responsible and trustworthy jobs. I have been a banker, medical assistant, receptionist, assistant manager, vet assistant, daycare supervisor, and currently work at Coach as a sales associate. Yes people Coach as in FANCY FANCY HANDBAGS. I have had all of my tattoos while being employed by these places and not one of them discriminated against me for it. I didn’t have to prove I was trustworthy based on the colors permanently inked into my skin. I did have to cover them in some places which I figured I would and had no problem doing so. But the point I am making is that I am trustworthy and have been the most reliable person in these jobs.  I HAVE NEVER LIVED OFF OF MY PARENTS. I have always had a job since I was 15 years old and bought my own things. My first car was paid for in full with my money. I can’t even begin to describe how many accomplishments I have tacked onto my belt since being that young. I have a lot for my age and I am proud of it because I earned it. Tabitha 2 – Matt 0.

  1. They’re selfish

“A girl who willfully disfigures herself like this will never attempt to please you or do anything nice for you.” Then in pure asshole fashion he throws out the c word like candy to kids at a parade, another pet peeve of mine. Putting the tattoos and piercings aside not every person has a similar heart to yours. You shouldn’t expect them to treat people the same way you do. We are all individual people with different ways of doing things. I’m not saying that Matt has a heart I’m just speaking in general. I can agree that getting tattooed is a personal decision and I feel that a person has the right to decide for themselves. So if that makes me selfish I guess I am. But I am not someone who is so selfish that I won’t help another person in need. Seriously Matt you suck. You just had a bad experience with a selfish person. Maybe if you weren’t so nasty somebody would want to do something nice for you. Pssh

  1. They’re boring

He states here that most girls are “dull as dirt anyways” but when they have tattoos that only means that they are aggressively dull. He then again describes his “piercing addict girlfriend” as someone who was out of tune with many current events and not registered to vote though she identified herself as a Marxist. Well here we go again going back to his particular experience with one girl.  I really can’t even think of what to say about this paragraph because it just radiates pure stupidity. For someone hinting on the fact that his old girlfriend was stupid you are actually quite stupid. Since you are convinced that one person is the poster child for every other person with tattoos and piercings. Sorry not sorry you’re injudicious. Which in case you weren’t aware Matt is a fancy word for
. Stupid.

  1. They’re mentally ill

So many wrong statements here I’m having a difficult time picking only one. I will say I am not crazy, suicidal, murderous, or have a split personality. I have been through many challenges in life that should have made me psychotic but I rose from the ashes intact without the use of a straightjacket. Again he is continually referencing the same girlfriend and now another one that had a” tramp stamp”. By the end of the article all I gathered (besides his inaccuracy) was that all he wants to do is whine. I can’t help that you have poor taste in women.

It is a proven fact though that in some cases people attract what they put out into the world. So since we are making assumptions I can assume that this Matt character is a slutty, boring, crazy , selfish, close minded  person who has no plans for his future because he is too busy reflecting on his past bad experiences while using those to label every woman who has ink. Wow. He is definitely a busy beaver.

In closing I would like to say that it sounds like Matt was royally screwed by a girl who fits the mold of the stereotype inside of his own head. So before you make assumptions Matt and continue spread your ignorance to the masses think long and hard about the backlash you will receive. Also contemplate the fact that you may be wrong in some cases. Not every person who looks a certain way acts like the one you have encountered. This pinhead way of thinking is why the world is in the shape it’s in.

I learned this phrase in English class and it stuck with me. The teacher would ask, “What happens when we assume?” He would then write the word on the board and underline the parts he wanted us to notice while saying this, “It makes an ass out of u and me .

The End

Top 5 Reasons To Love American Horror Story


American Horror Story is the ideal television series for people that have a wild imagination with a wicked twist. Season 3 – Coven is already wrapped and they are currently finishing Season 4 – Carnival. Just the title in itself leaves me undoubtedly excited, and curiously pondering how they will be scaring the hell out of me. The show at first wasn’t as well known as some of the others currently running but now it’s considered one of the best in the game. I find it incredibly addicting, and very suspenseful. At certain times sweet, but still having a bitter bite.

For those of you who have never seen it (which I just cannot believe!), I am going to give you five reasons to love it. For many of you who have seen it and watch it faithfully every time it airs, I am going to give you some more reasons why you couldn’t stop watching if you tried.

1. Awesome Characters

These are not just your run-of-the-mill creepy teacher, or suspicious neighbor. The characters written into this series are epic. Not only because they are in some ways relatable, but they take crazy and put a spin on it. From sultry “maid” vixens, a possessed Nun and witches, to a crazed murderer of women and a lady pregnant with the devils spawn, you will find it hard to keep your head from spinning. But in a good way because it keeps you guessing. The whole plan of continuously guessing is what brings me to my next reason…

2. New Storylines

I love the idea that every season is something different, while still maintaining some of the star characters from the previous episodes. I wasn’t a big fan of Coven which involved witches and magic. I found it rather typical and a little disappointing. I was however completely obsessed with the first and second seasons. Which revolved around a haunted murder house and an insane asylum. Yes, I did buy both of them on DVD and have watched them numerous times. Don’t judge me.

3. Pushes Boundaries

I will never forget my initial reaction to the first episode. I saw the advertisements and with myself being a fan of all things abnormal and creepy I thought that it would be just that. It was that and more… Within a mere half hour of the premiere there was a man having sex with his student, getting down with Susie Palmer (ya know what I mean), and a suicidal patient talking about not being able to get an errection.  All I was thinking was I can’t believe this is on t.v but I wanted to see more. Whether people admit it or not sex always seals the deal, in more ways than one. I applaud the idea of throwing it in the first episode and keeping the risquĂ© moments consistent. It made me curious but that wasn’t what got me hooked.

4. Gruesome and Dark

This is why I became and addict. It would probably appear that I am some sicko to people who are not the scary/gory kind of types. I cannot get enough of the way the show dives into the dark spaces people are afraid to confront. It shows first hand everyday people and serial killers most creepy thoughts and actions. Though the show is entirely fiction a frightening reality is very much present. You may think you know someone, it could be your closest friend or even a parent. But do you really know them? That same person could be putting on a mask made from human flesh and going on a killing spree. Or they could be attending a late night ritual with human sacrifices. They could also just be someone who is completely crazy. This is what scary dreams are made of, taking people and making them into the worst kind of monsters. This show does that and then some.

5. Jessica Lange and Evan Peters

Jessica Lange has played an aged starlet neighbor with many skeletons in her closet, a recovering alcoholic Nun turned insane patient, and a power hungry backstabbing witch. She has brought so much life into those characters and made the show way more interesting. I love this woman and believe she is the face of the series. She has recently stated that she will be leaving after Carnival to pursue different passions in her life. I don’t blame her. If you’re going to leave, leave while you’re on top. It’s better to leave than to fade away. But I will miss her and find it hard to accept another main character in her place.

Now last but most definitely not least, Evan Peters. I wish I could say I know him, and almost feel like I do as much as I have watched (and re-watched) the show. Sadly I don’t.. He is another big part of this series. He has been a troubled apparition, a man wrongly accused of murder, and a boy stitched back together and brought back to life. All in which has captured my heart. In all of these characters there is raw feeling, and something deeply touching. I almost always find myself sympathizing and being on his team. Even if he killed some people and impregnated somebodies wife. It’s okay! Besides the obvious fact that he is easy on the eyes and the show heartthrob, he has talent. Which makes him even more desirable to female fans.

I hope you all enjoyed my reasons to love American Horror Story, and tune in when it airs again this October it should be spectacular!Saying that I am just excited is an understatement.  

Oh, and Evan if you ever see this I would love to meet you. I have a bunch of your pictures on my Pinterest and I follow you on Twitter. I am a big fan.

That doesn’t creep you out does it? That’s pretty normal.

It’s not like I have a doll with your face on it that I sleep with at night or anything….. or do I?






Medical Marijuana Vs Prescription Pain Killers.. What is safe?

Before I open Pandora’s Box and dive into this highly debated topic I want to make myself clear on two things.

First of all, I have never experienced marijuana in any way shape or form. Due to my lack of usage I am not stating that I know everything about it. Nor, am I stating how it effects me personally. I am only sharing some knowledge I have acquired from facts available online, in books, and what was legitimate research on my side.

Secondly, I am not passing judgment, or crucifying any person who has smoked or is currently. Or any person who is taking any form of prescription pain killers. Whether it may be for recreational or medicinal purposes.

This idea was brought to my attention by numerous people who emailed me, or messaged me via Facebook, for my new category on this blog. They wanted me to write about a newsworthy topic that held importance in their lives, and that they felt strongly about. With this particular genre of writing being outside of my comfort zone I jumped at the idea. I always love a challenge. So here it is for your reading pleasure, and also for you contemplate. As always I welcome feedback of any kind, negative or positive as it helps me grow as a writer.

Medical Cannabis ( medical marijuana) is used as a medical therapy to treat disease, alleviate symptoms stemming from present disease, or in some cases a pain suppressant. The use of this controversial drug in the history of medicine dates back thousands of years. Cannabis may and has been used for reducing nausea / vomiting in chemotherapy patients, people who have contracted AIDS, and for treating pain and muscle spasticity. I am sure there are more medical uses for the drug than I have listed here, but these are the most well known people relate it to. Though most long term effects of usage are unclear at this time there are concerns. Some of the prominent ones listed are breathing complications, behavioral issues, memory and cognition problems, as well as it being continually stated that it is a gateway drug. Some beneficial effects of Cannabis I had found were that it was good for managing neuropathic pain, antiemesis control, and that it has antidepressant properties.

There have been numerous studies that have shown both detrimental and beneficial effects of long term usage of Cannabis as well as pain killers. So now lets look at prescription pain medication in comparison. They too, are used for pain management in many cases. Some of the cases in which they are used are for body aches, AIDS and chemotherapy, and nerve pain. As I previously stated there are more uses than I have listed, I only provided mere examples for both. These type of drugs are also well known for being gateway drugs for “harder highs”. While the long term effects are still somewhat unclear on some of these forms of treatment, I would like to use Oxycodone for an example. This drug is very commonly used and I have seen it in many of my loved ones medical cabinets. What I have listed are what I have found to be some of the most prominent effects. These are anxiety, behavioral issues, impacted bowel, constipation, while in overall the nervous and gastrointestinal systems are influenced.  The positive effects of this drug are that it blocks pain messages from the nerves to the brain, increases drowsiness which in some cases is necessary, and lessons anxiety.  

If I had taken the time to list all of the effects for both Cannabis and Oxycodone we would be here all day, and I then would be writing a short story instead of this article. My point is that by the facts I have shared you can see that there are effects whether detrimental or not, to both of the drugs. While I was reading I had come across a fact that I found interesting. It had said research has shown that the addiction potential for Cannabis is less than caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. Which lead me to then in turn look into the addiction potential of Oxycodone. Within minutes of my investigation it was stated that the drug was known to have one of the most powerful addiction potentials. Though it did not give a simple comparison, I am no dummy in realizing that it is far worse than a cigarette. As where Cannabis was less than…

Where I am trying to go with this is to not so much voice my opinion on the matter, but for you to realize that there are many ways to become addicted in almost everything. Even in something as accessible as energy drinks. There are also side effects to every pill, alcoholic beverage, or Tylenol we put into our bodies. Most people are quick to rule out medical marijuana, pain killers, and other forms of treatment because they are “bad”. When people are not noticing that the less publicized forms of medicine are just as harmful long term if not worse.

My view is more complex than a simple yes or no as far as safety is concerned. I see no black and white, but just pure gray. I do not feel comfortable voicing an overall opinion when there is so much information available, and pro’s and con’s to this topic that I am just purely indecisive. (So I am sorry to the reader that specifically asked my opinion.) But I did decide to share a few of the facts with you in hopes that it would spark something within you to research as well. Like I said this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

I ask you this in closing…

What is and isn’t safe to treat people with when there are so many bad outcomes that come with the good? Yes, we know that side effects are unavoidable, but everything also has the potential to become addictive. Even if done in moderation, or as prescribed by a doctor. So from wine and Red bulls, to marijuana and prescription medications, you be the judge and decide for yourself.