I Opened The Bible Today

I opened my Bible today

Which is something I have never done before

Though I am ashamed to say

I read His words for the first time today

I sat alone at my table lost in my merciless thoughts

Only to find comfort in the scripture that had never been taught

I am elated to say

That I opened the Bible today

I didn’t understand when I began but  I read it anyway

It brought a tear to my eye and gave wings to my heart

I opened that Bible today

Though covered in dust and the pages never worn

It provided me with a sense of comfort in a heart that is torn

I opened the Bible today, to find what it had to say, and find hope within the Word

I only hope He shows mercy on my soul and my desperate prayers are heard.


New York

I’ll take a train to New York City
to feel the concrete beneath my feet.

I’ll make the most of this time,
just me, in the city that never sleeps.

I can’t wait to smell the air and watch the people everywhere.

The lights shine so bright day and night
I can see them in my dreams.

The tallest buildings and longest sidewalks are endless, or so it seems.

To be in the middle of the constant rush
will make my heart beat out of my chest.

I will be there someday, in the midst of the beautiful mess.